Snitch Culture

We are in the middle of a health Crisis that seems to be co-opted to alienate us form each other. We are told to stay home by people that have little to loose by “Staying Home”. The old shouldn’t talk to the young for they may become infected. We have a governor that is a multi-millionaire. He tells us that we have to stay in our houses “until further notice”. He uses an ambiguous and potentially unobtainable metric that will convince him to set us free. Our civil rights are violated in several ways everyday and yet the majority of us do nothing. The Mayor of Los Angeles actively recruits “Young Spys” with promises of Money to a cash strapped, unemployed and desperate populous. Even those that would not normally inform on their neighbors my do so out of desperation. The Masses not only don’t see anything wrong with it but they are grateful to their masters.

I myself see the truth and I’m hated for it. Myself and my peers have become the enemy. It’s the fate of the Whistle blower.

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” — Arthur Conan Doyle, The Sign of Four

I often use this quote. It sums up the basics of deductive reasoning. When CBS used footage of an Italian hospital passing it off as an overwhelmed New York Hospital, one would assume it was a mistake. An error that a major news network would otherwise be unlikely to make. It was impossible that CBS could be so incompetent. When they did not edit the story using the correct footage, it was improbable that they had no actual footage of New York to begin with. Yet, when one eliminates the impossible then the improbable becomes true by default.

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