Sometimes part is better than whole. We can be inundated with photos of cars and other large forms that are so complicated that we get lost in the image. Vintage automobiles tend to have identifiable traits, like grill, fender, hood ornament or tail fins. These traits can be exploited by a savvy shooter.


Notice three things about this image that I think are important. The first is that it is Back-lit. I didn’t really have a choice here but I like the way it turned out. Back lighting can cause lens flare but that isn’t always bad. Second, notice the font of the model name. FURY! It is indicative of that era in automotive history. I am not sure of the year but the model has understated fins compared to Christine! from the novel and film. That car was a ’57 fury (identified as a ’58 fury). Third, notice my image in the chrome. This is a subliminal selfie. I like to do this as often as possible. I know that early street shooters did this as well as classical painters.

This car has a very distinctive rear fender and chrome accents. Those things can bring attention to the interesting parts of this car as opposed to the things that most cars have in common.

When you are shooting, think about the components that caught your attention in the first place. A ’57 Chevy Bel Air calls your eye to the fins, Rolls Royce is known for the Winged Victory hood ornament.

Paying attention to the parts is how we do it in the Underground.