Life in the Underground

The Underground is an interesting place to exist. Although the census counts millions of people that inhabit the zone, we all live alone. For Instance, the Wizard only shows up on the beaches of Oceanside to laugh at the fools and check out the Bikinis. He likes the juke on the main drag. He says the dirty fries are the best in the city.

I should talk to him but I won’t. I have imagined an entire back story for this old man and I’m sure he will ruin it. So I will let him play the role that I need him to play. Most of the citizens of the Underground play roles in the Mainstream. That is how we keep from going insane.

Before I go any further I should define some things. The Underground. Is a place. It’s a dimension. It’s a state of mind and being. It’s a place where Wizards and Artists live. In the Underground you are free. Free to think. Free to feel. Free to be as you wish.

The Mainstream. Is the opposite of the Underground. It is a place of despair and unhappiness. It is where businessmen and politicians reside. Children can only imagine student loan debt and failed careers. Their alarms sound like the screech of nails on a chalkboard. Their suits are the shrouds of a corpse. They reside in an overpriced mausoleum. Accepting slavery as a means to an end but also a rite of passage. Some of them wish to join the Underground but they can’t raise the vibration.

You don’t get here by Hook or Crook. You get here be force of will. Can you Raise the Vibration?

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