Starting From Scratch

I Moved.

I decided to move to a new Host. I was with GoDaddy for about a year and it went well. It was my first experience with my own website and I learned a great deal about the process. However, GoDaddy was a little complicated. I had just started using Lightroom and there is some inbuilt integration with I was going to use the free portfolio from Adobe along with a stripped down email host, but after I did the math I realized that I could just migrate my site for the same money.

Everyone should give it a try.

Some people think that building a website is hard but it isn’t. Everyone should give it a try. Here I can do anything I want. There is no Facebook police. No posting at the mercy of the masses. No spam. It’s pretty good over here in mhoaglanphoto land.

I’ll get going as soon as posible.

I hope to increase my posts to a regular schedule. I have to make sure I am able to offend as often as I can. See you all soon.

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