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Sometimes part is better than whole. We can be inundated with photos of cars and other large forms that are so complicated that we get lost in the image. Vintage automobiles tend to have identifiable traits, like grill, fender, hood ornament or tail fins. These traits can be exploited by a savvy shooter. Notice three things about this image that I think are important. The first is that it is Back-lit. I didn’t really have a choice here but I like the way it turned out. Back lighting can cause lens flare but that isn’t always bad. Second, notice the…

Looking Into The Orange Street Alley

I was stuck for something to shoot. I had heard about a place in Redlands California. It is an alley with muralism and multicolored umbrellas as the overhead cover. It is located on Orange Street so it is call “The Orange Street Alley”. This is one of my favorite Street photos. The color and the shadow work well together. Besides it’s just plain cool.